Road Safety GB North East is supported in its efforts to reduce road casualties in the region by a number of emergency services organisations from across the North East, as well as Highways England.

Each of the police and fire services in County Durham, Cleveland, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland have partnered with the 12 local authority road safety officers that make-up RSGB NE in a region-wide effort to help prevent road collisions.

Our combined knowledge and experience enables us to better understand the road safety challenges of the region, and to pool these resources to help tackle the issues that lead to road casualties and fatalities, such as speeding, distraction, drink/drug driving, risk-taking and failing to look properly.

Together, we offer training courses for a variety of road-users, offer tips and advice, highlight hazards on well-known routes, share information, and run publicity campaigns that raise awareness and educate.

We believe that we can achieve so much more together than each organisation could if they were each working alone in silos.

Road Safety GB North East are supported in our efforts by Highways England, which is a Government-funded company with responsibility for managing the motorways and major roads in England.