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1006, 2021

North east football clubs back road safety campaign to kick drink driving out of Euro 2020

June 10th, 2021|DRINK/DRUG DRIVING|

**Featured image: Northern Saints Primary School at Northern Spire bridge in Sunderland. The region’s biggest football clubs have joined a road safety campaign to boot drink and drug driving out of Euro 2020. Road Safety GB North East (RSGB NE) has been joined by police, fire and Middlesbrough, Newcastle and Sunderland football clubs to urge people not to get behind the wheel after drink [...]

1309, 2020

Concern for cyclists following release of road casualty figures


Drivers are being urged to be more aware of cyclists after figures revealed that people riding their bikes are now among those most at risk on North East roads. As more and more people have taken to their bikes since the country went into lockdown earlier this year, the number of cyclists being killed or injured in the region is beginning to climb. Of the [...]

304, 2020

Drivers urged to slow down as Covid-19 pandemic leads to more people speeding

April 3rd, 2020|LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER|

Drivers are being urged to curb their speed as coronavirus measures have led to more people walking on the roads. Campaign group Road Safety GB North East (RSGB NE) said since the North East went into lockdown ten days ago, there had been a notable shift in both driver and pedestrian behaviour on the region’s roads. Research since lockdown began on the evening of Monday, [...]

2003, 2020

Drivers urged to watch out for bikers as spring begins


Motorists are being urged to take a second look for motorbikes as it’s revealed that last year over half of all motorcycle casualties in the North East were either killed or seriously injured. As spring begins (March 20) and the weather improves, more bikers are likely to be out on the roads in the coming weeks, leading to an increased risk of collisions involving bikers. [...]

1912, 2019

Give the ‘gift of a lift’ to avoid drink driving casualties this Christmas

December 19th, 2019|DRINK/DRUG DRIVING|

People are being urged to be the designated driver on nights out this Christmas in a bid to reduce the number of drink and drug driving incidents. As we head into the busiest time of the year for parties and impromptu drinks, campaign group Road Safety GB North East (RSGB NE) has joined forces with the police and fire services to encourage people to [...]

1604, 2019

Number of bikers killed and seriously injured rises


The number of bikers killed or seriously injured on North East roads in the last five years has risen by 8%. Despite a fall of 30% in all biker casualties, the number of bikers who have lost their lives or been seriously injured has increased. Campaign group Road Safety GB North East (RSGB NE) has been joined by emergency services from across the region [...]

102, 2019

Plea for motorists to take care in snow and ice

February 1st, 2019|LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER|

Drivers are being urged to take extra care as snow and ice are expected to continue to make road conditions treacherous. Between 2013 and 2017, 412 people were killed or injured in collisions on North East roads when snow was recorded to be prevalent. More than a third of them involved cars that skidded out of control. Of those injured or killed during snow [...]

506, 2018

Family of drink/drug driving victim back World Cup road safety campaign

June 5th, 2018|DRINK/DRUG DRIVING|

The heartbroken loved ones of a man who was killed by a drink/drug driver are urging people to avoid driving under the influence as World Cup fever begins to grip the North East. Devastated Michelle Norton lost her only child, Lewis Knapp, last year after he was run over by a drink and drug driver during a night out in South Shields. In the hope [...]

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